Video and Media Art Festival: How it all began


With vkunst frankfurt curators Christoph von Löw and Andreas Greulich have created a regular platform for international media artists, which provides space for projections, interactive installations and animated computer art.

When vkunst frankfurt began in 2009 it largely featured local positions. Meanwhile it has developed into a fixture in Frankfurt’s exhibition schedule.

Thanks to back projections their works grace the display windows of the hosting galleries and stores, effectively turning the Fahrgasse into an “open-air exhibition space”.

In past years artists included Christoph Girardet, Carsten Nicolai, Tobias Rehberger, Anna Hepp, Johanna Reich, Max Hattler and Anouk Miladinovic.

In 2018 more than 400 international artists have kindly given us an insight into their ideas of a new Ego. From this flood of entries, after much debate slightly more than 20 contributions were selected for the exhibition in May. They form a cross section of different approaches to this year’s motif “My New Me”.

This years novelty is the separate section entitled “We like it!”. Here 15 artistic works from ten years of vkunst frankfurt, ones that have grown very close to the hearts of the curators, will be shown again.




V-Kunst 2010

„Schein & Zeit“

V-Kunst 2011

„La vie en général“

V-Kunst 2012

„Neue Klarheit“

V-Kunst 2013

„Wherever you are“

V-Kunst 2014

„Mon amie, l'image“

V-Kunst 2015

„Ich bleibe“