Video and Media Art Festival: The Theme 2018


The world is in motion and with this so are people, too. A trivial insight perhaps, but the fact itself repeatedly poses challenges to both individuals and entire societies.

Today, in the age of digitization and globalization, change is more present than it has been since industrialization. This is reflected in all the various sides to everyday life. The ego and its manifestations play a central role in this regard. This was the underlying idea that prompted us to choose the title “My New Ego” for vkunst frankfurt in 2018.

The selfie has emerged as the current age’s omnipresent means of expression. Here, the Ego becomes a project you can design. Key aspects here include Instagram, self- optimization, Narcissism, not to mention an awareness of one’s own life. On the other hand, millions of people are currently leaving their customary surroundings, be it owing to war or economic pressures, relocating to different countries and cities, and are suddenly confronted with a radically changed biography. Integration into new cultures always spells a change of identity. Adaptation is change.

All of that played a role in our decision, and we waited with joyful excitement to see what entries floated in from all over the world addressing the topic. In fact, more than 400 artists have kindly given us an insight into their ideas of a new Ego. And from this ood of entries, after much debate we managed to select slightly more than 20 contributions for the exhibition.

Moreover, we decided that to mark the 10th year of vkunst frankfurt we would launch a separate section entitled “We like it!”. Here, we are presenting 15 artistic works from ten years of vkunst frankfurt, ones that have grown very close to our hearts and which we want in this way to enable our visitors to view once again.

We most especially wish to thank all the artists who sent us entries. We would gladly have displayed far more art than there is space. We are most grateful in this context to the many hosts and supporters of vkunst frankfurt. Without the gallerists and store owners who have made their premises available to us there would simply be no vkunst. We would likewise like to thank the City of Frankfurt and Stiftung Kunstfonds and not least Jochen Latz, who has for the fourth time substantially supported the project by providing the vkunst Award.

Our thanks go to the jury for selecting the prize winner. Grit Weber (Museum Ange- wandte Kunst, Frankfurt), Peter Gorschlüter (MMK, Frankfurt) and Stefan Trinks (FAZ, Frankfurt) were the experts who took the decision on who would be awarded the prize.

Christoph von Löw and Andreas Greulich

May 2018